What we do

Our Home Care Workers provide a wide variety of services, as required, to meet the needs of individual clients. The services offered fall into four main areas:

  • Personal care
  • Mobility   
  • Household tasks
  • Social interaction
  • Lifestyle advice

Our policies and practices promote wellbeing and independence, our Home Care Workers add value through advising on staying independent and well by signposting and providing information on:

  • Heating and electrical usage
  • Keeping warm and reducing costs
  • Technology assistance and information
  • Introduction of digital participation services, entertainment and educatation programs
  • Tele volunteering

Our care workers provide specialist services to clients with;

  • Sensory impairment
  • Physical disability
  • Mental illness
  • Long term conditions

We specialise in clients and families whose first written and spoken language is not English, clients from diverse religious and cultural backgrounds.

Insurance details

The company has Insurance cover in respect of employer’s liability and public/product liability.