Support Planning

The Support Planning Process ensures HC4U meet the criteria set out in ‘Refocusing the care programme approach policy and positive practice guidance 2008’.

Reasonable adjustments are made to ensure the service user and their family can be involved in the decision making process. The process takes into account physical, mental, social, personal and emotional aspects.

Support Planning Agreement

When the service commences a Manager will visit each person in order to discuss their support plan and how their service will be provided. The support plan will be discussed with the service user and their family/ carer and agreement will be confirmed.

A Risk Assessment and Health and Safety Check will also be made and any authorisation to assist with medication will be obtained.

There will be a continuous review of needs and the Support Plan can be changed either temporarily or permanently. The people who use our service can make contact by telephone or e-mail. Any changes to the Support Plan will be negotiated and agreed with the people who use our service and or their family / carer.

Arrangements for the Provision of Personal Care

Once the service user and their family have agreed to the Support Plan, we will establish and provide a Service agreement and an information pack. Consent will be obtained and fees agreed.

HomeCare4U will undertake:

Continuous reviews to ensure the service meets the service users changing needs, and respects the dignity of the service user and their family

  • Keep the people who use our service and or their family informed of any changes to the Homecare Worker, time or day of visit
  • Encourage staff to involve and ask for direction from the people who use our services and or their family
  • All our staff are informed of the Multi Agency Policy on responding to the abuse of vulnerable adults
  • Encourage staff to develop independence in service users
  • The Medication Policy directs and informs staff of our current policies and procedures when handling or assisting with prescribed medication
  • The Manual Handling Policy and guidance is in support of safe practice to protect the people who use our service and  Homecare Workers
  • Procedures and guidance notes are in place in respect of handling the valuables of the people who use our service, practice and documented cash recordings are checked and monitored by Management.

Information for the people who use our service

Once the service commences and we have ascertained the communication and information needs of the service user and their family we will provide an information pack, which contains:

  • Welcome Letter, with contact details of lead Homecare Worker and Manager
  • Service User Agreement, outlining costs, payment methods, and receipts
  • Service User Guide, which provides information on the treatment, support, review process, complaints process, local advocacy services and funding support services
  • Statement of Purpose promoting the aims, objectives and purpose of our service
  • National Minimum Standards, which highlights your rights and choices
  • Medication Sheets
  • Observation Sheets