Policies & Procedures

Our Domiciliary Care Polices and Procedures' document draws together the principal policies and procedures designed for HomeCare4U staff to deliver a consistent, safe and responsive service to people living in their own homes, in accordance with the relevant national and local standards.

HC4U is required to register with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), and must therefore meet the commission's requirements in relation to the quality of the service provided. The Domiciliary Care Policy and Procedures' document applies to all staff undertaking care service work on behalf of HC4U: clerical staff, Service Co-ordinators, HomeCare Workers.

Time of Visit

We endeavour to keep to the stated time in the Service User Agreement, but there needs to be acceptance of a degree of flexibility of approximately 15 minutes as there may be some unavoidable delay due to traffic or with a previous call.

If there is a change of time of any visit or a change of Homecare Worker, we will aim to advise the people who use our service of the new timing and who will be making the visit.

Length of Visit

Homecare Workers will carry out duties as identified in the Service User Agreement. Sufficient time will be allocated for this and the people who use our service will be asked to sign a time sheet verifying the length of visit. The Homecare Worker should stay for the full agreed time, if the Homecare Worker completes the tasks in a shorter time than allocated; this will be amended on the time sheet prior to the person signing.


Homecare Workers are not permitted to carry out duties that should be performed by a trained nurse or other qualified health professional. If assistance to take medication is required, it will be recorded on the service users support plan and permission will be obtained from the service user and/or their representative. At all times the Homecare Worker will undertake their duties in line with our current policy, following appropriate guidance, reporting and recording systems.

Safeguarding Adults

The Agency is committed to providing support to individuals that is both safe and of a high standard. It is our aim to work with the people we support, to ensure where possible they are safe from abuse and neglect. If we are concerned that a service users may not be safe we will discuss this with the service user and with your agreement you're a carers/family/friends. The Agency works to the Care Quality Commission standards and is in line with the Councils Safeguarding Adults policy and procedures; therefore we will share information with Adult Social Care if we have concerns about service user's safety. Service users will be informed if this action is taken.

Mental Capacity

Our service is aimed at supporting individuals to take control of their lives. We work on the assumption that everyone we support has the ability to make decision for themselves about their own life. However some people may not have the ability to make some decisions for themselves. In such situations we will work with the service user and if appropriate your carers/family/friends and other professionals to support the service user to make the choices that the service user would like. If this is not possible we will work with the service users carers/family/friends and other professionals to make decisions on their behalf. If we have to make decisions on their behalf we will use the guidance issued by Government to help us do this.

Equality and Diversity

The agency promotes a culture of regard for the needs of the people who use our service, wants and interests which takes into account their personal preferences and to the way in which they wish to conduct their lives. All HC4U work is underpinned by equality, diversity and human rights legislation and our striving for justice and fair play. In order to maintain our compliance with equality and diversity legislation we will utilise our knowledge and experience of the legal and national policy on equality, diversity and human rights.

We recognise that individuals are not defined by a single equality strand; often straddling many different strands such as individuals who experience combined discrimination as a result of age, sexual orientation, gender or disability. The organization is signed up to the Equality and Diversity Practioners Network, Mindful Employers Network and the Disability 2 tick symbol. 
Equality assessments will be undertaken on Human Resources and Service policies. An equality action plan will be developed to support HC4U embed equality, diversity and human rights into its core business.
We understand that every service user has their own independent choice and possible variation of culture and religion. Therefore care packages will be personalized to meet the needs of the service users, which will include needs around gender specific carer, communication and information needs, dietary, religious and spiritual needs, dress code etc.

This will result in personal care and support being provided in a way, which maintains and respects the privacy, dignity and lifestyle of the people who use our service.

Health and Safety

The health and safety of all service users and Care staff is of paramount concern to the service. Great care will be taken to ensure that all policies and procedures are in accordance with health and safety legislation. Prior to commencement of services, risk assessments will be undertaken to ensure that any service can be delivered safely without putting a service user or staff member at risk.